Types of orthodontic treatments available at Weatherford Advanced Dentistry

If you are a Weatherford, Texas, area patient considering orthodontics, you may find traditional braces to be an undesirable choice. With modern orthodontic alternatives, patients can now reposition the teeth in the smile without metal brackets and wires. With ClearCorrect and Invisalign, available with Dr. Chris Elliott of Weatherford Advanced Dentistry, patients in the community can now reposition their teeth quickly and easily with a subtle, “clear” alternative to conventional metal braces.

What types of braces are available to straighten teeth?

Dr. Elliott of Weatherford Advanced Dentistry is pleased to provide invisible braces solutions such as Invisalign and ClearCorrect. Both of these treatments use aligner trays worn over the teeth to reposition the teeth in the dental arch slowly. They are reliable methods that allow patients to enjoy the benefits of modern orthodontics, avoiding the appearance and use of metal wires and brackets used in more traditional types of orthodontics.

Lady with an Invisalign

How do invisible braces work?

Invisible braces such as ClearCorrect and Invisalign are a popular choice for many patients who come to Weatherford Advanced Dentistry seeking smile realignment. During the patient’s first appointment, digital scans are made of the smile. Then, the software used in our practice sends these impressions to a laboratory that creates a series of trays. The trays are clear plastic and worn over the dental arch to gradually move teeth into proper alignment. For patients with overcrowding, some permanent teeth may be removed to make room for the teeth to line up correctly. Patients wear each tray in the series in order for two weeks before switching to the next, allowing the teeth to move where they are needed.

How do I learn more about advanced orthodontics at Weatherford Advanced Dentistry?

Dr. Chris Elliott encourages patients to call the office at (817) 609-4311 to request an appointment with our team at 181 East BB Fielder Road, Suite #200. During an initial consultation and evaluation appointment, our team can make a recommendation regarding the best orthodontic treatment appropriate to meet one’s needs. The office is open to new patients and families in the community of Weatherford, TX.