Using porcelain crowns to protect and strengthen decayed teeth

Weatherford, Texas, area patients needing dental restorations for their smiles may find that porcelain crowns are a great solution. Crowns are commonly used in reconstructive and restorative dentistry because they are strong, durable, and beautiful. Dr. Chris Elliott and his team at Weatherford Advanced Dentistry can evaluate you to determine if you could benefit from the fabrication and placement of a dental crown made to match your smile! Please continue reading to learn more about this reliable and versatile restoration used in our practice!

What is a porcelain crown?

Our team describes a porcelain crown as a porcelain “tooth cap” that covers the natural tooth structure. They are often created to assist with adding strength and protection to a tooth damaged by decay, disease, or trauma. They are a standard restoration that can be used to:

  • Cover a cracked or chipped tooth
  • Strengthen a tooth with a large dental filling
  • Protect a tooth from further damage after root canal therapy
  • Cover the abutment of a dental implant to act as a false tooth
  • Fuse to false teeth (pontics) to create a dental bridge

Do porcelain crowns stain?

Porcelain crowns do not stain due to the porcelain material used to create them. This allows patients to enjoy them for longer than alternative restorations such as composite resin bonding, which may discolor with time.

Dental crowns illustration

How do I take care of porcelain crowns?

Dr. Elliott encourages patients to take care of their porcelain crowns like they do the rest of their smiles. That includes brushing, flossing, and regular dental visits for cleanings and examinations. Maintaining a healthy smile free from periodontal disease and tooth decay can ensure porcelain crowns last longer.

How do I find out more about porcelain crowns?

Whether you need front teeth crowns or dental crowns for the back molars, it is time to connect with a dentist in the Weatherford, TX area who can assist. Dr. Chris Elliott and his team at Weatherford Advanced Dentistry at 181 East BB Fielder Road, Suite #200, are here to help! Call (817) 753-1470 to request a consultation appointment and initial evaluation with our team to discuss porcelain crowns and other dental restorations available at the office.